1 — the number of houses she considers home (she and her husband live in the house she grew up in).


2 — the number of parrots (and dogs) Aisha lives with.


3 — the number of feathered friends living at home who aren’t chickens (two ducks and a turkey).


5 — the number of egg-laying hens she currently keeps.


8 — the number of wheels that will carry Aisha around the rink when she fulfills her dream of being a bad-ass derby girl.


10 — the minimum number of essential oils Aisha has with her each day when she leaves the house: always prepared!


13 — the number of jumpsuits she owns – expect to see her sporting one around town while drinking green juice.


15 — the number of years she worked as a highly regarded Kundalini yoga instructor.


20 — the number of years Aisha ran her successful wedding photography and commercial casting business.


24 — the total pairs of eyeglasses Aisha owns and loves. Hmmm…better make it an even 25…


33 — the feet of burning hot coals she walked across in her path of self-development.


104 — the temperature Aisha likes to keep the hot tub or sauna when she has business meetings at the spa. Why not?


374 — the approximate number of beautiful flowers in her garden – you may notice pictures of them throughout this site!



When you are the first-born child of eccentric artists, no one is surprised when you choose a life of art yourself. I followed my passion for immortalizing once-in-a-lifetime moments and started a wedding photography business in my hometown of Portland, Oregon. True to my roots, I also found inspiration in meditation and launched a second business teaching Kundalini yoga.


Both businesses were incredibly successful. My photography studio was regarded as one of the best in the Pacific Northwest, winning multiple awards, and I obtained immense fulfillment from both of my companies.


Then everything changed.




2008 was a perfect storm of challenges in my life. While beginning the process of divorce, my father unexpectedly passed away from cancer, and the imploding economy took my photography business. I was then diagnosed with Lyme disease, a debilitating illness that had plagued me throughout my life.


I found myself broke, alone and feeling shrouded in darkness. I rapidly fell into deep depression.


Life was painful. My future was uncertain and I struggled daily. It seemed like nothing could bring the light back into my life. I knew I had more to give, and I longed to make a difference in the world, but I didn’t know how.




I never expected I would end becoming a professional network marketer. I had no experience and little guidance. But, I decided to take the leap of faith and jumped wholeheartedly into growing my own essential oil business and attended my first dōTERRA convention in 2011.


My passion for the oils and my new business was undeniable. I quickly earned a Blue Diamond rank and founded the national Essential Wellness Community, which continues to grow and prosper. The business has done so well, within two years I matched my husband’s 20-year corporate salary, and in another two years…I had doubled it.


It is my mission to help you find the same success. Whether you are looking for your own essential wellness, or want to start a prosperous business (or both), I am committed to supporting you.


Are you ready to bring wellness and prosperity to you and your family? Connect with me.