Stress Reduction with Aromatherapy



Too much stress can wreak havoc on our bodies.  Reducing stress is an important – yet sometimes difficult – step in moving towards wellness.  Using tools like meditation, yoga, exercise, balanced diet, and aromatherapy have all proven effective at reducing stress.

Here is a list of a few oils to reach for when you are feeling stress, or better yet, to bring into your daily routine which in turn will balance your mood and your Autonomic Nervous system before it gets out of balance.

For the best results when using essential oils, reach for the purest oil you can find. A Pure Therapeutic Grade oils are the safest and most effective.

When dealing with the emotions it is best to inhale the aroma of the oils. You can wear them and emanate the fragrance, just inhale the aroma straight from the bottle, diffuse the aroma using diffuser, place a few drops on a cotton ball and stage the cotton ball at your desk , or add the essential oil to water and put it in a glass spray bottle for an atomizing effect.


Take a few deep inhales and allow yourself to swept away to serenity…

Emotional Stress:  clary sage, bergamont, gernaium, roman chamomile, and sandalwood

Environmental Stress: bergamot, cypress, and geranium

Mental Stress: lavender, grapefruit, bergamot, sandalwood, and geranium

Performance Stress: grapefruit, bergamot, ginger, and rosemary

Physical Stress:  lavender, bergamot, geranium, marjoram, roman chamomile, rosemary, and thyme

Stress due to lack of sleep: 15 drops clary sage, 10 drops lemon, 5 drops lavender and place in glass container. Let it sit for 24 hours. Now you have a blend. You can add a few drops to your diffuser and diffuse,  add 5-10 drops to a carrier oil and massage into skin, apply 1-2 drops to the bottom of the feet throughout the day, and/or add 5-10 drops to epsom salts for a relaxing bath.