Support your adrenal glands naturally

Maintaining healthy adrenal glands (adrenals) is a key to overall wellness and longevity. Unfortunately, due to our stressed lifestyle, most of us suffer from adrenal fatigue.

Signs of adrenal fatigue are weight gain or loss, salt/sugar cravings, loss or low libido, brain fog, low Blood Pressure, frequent illness or lowered immunity, fatigue after physical and/or mental exertion, irritability, and difficulty in sleeping.

There are three types of adrenal dysregulation: tired and wired, can’t sleep, increase in energy in the evening and exhausted all the time.

Lifestyle choices that support your adrenals: 

Sleep, Sleep, Sleep. Going to bed and getting up at the same time every day.

Go to bed before 10pm.

Staying in bed until 9am, the most restorative time for your adrenals is between 7am-9am

11 min nap 2x per day

Hydration – divide your weight by two, drink that number in oz of filtered water daily. Add 3-5 drops of your favorite citrus oil (doTERRA’s lemon, grapefruit or wild orange) per 20-30oz of water.

Adrenal supportive diet:

Lower carb breakfast: protein and vegetables

Lower carb lunch: protein and veggies

Quality protein/vegetables/complex carb dinner

Snacks may be needed to maintain blood sugar balance

Eat within an hour of rising

May need a snack before bed

AromaTouch Technique 1x per week

No caffeine

Essential oils to support your adrenals:

Basil: overall support

Bergamot: decreases occasional anxiety

Pettigrain: relaxing and soothing

Rosemary: regulates blood pressure

Frankincense: decreases occasional inflammation

Black Pepper: decreases cortisol

Ylang Ylang: decreases high Blood Pressure

Geranium: liver and lymphatic support

Clary Sage: lowers cortisol

Wild Orange: decrease occasional anxiety

Slim & Sassy: increase energy, uplifts mood, balances blood sugar

Clary Calm: hormone balance

Adrenal Support – Roller Bottle Blend

Blend 25 drops each in a roller bottle top off with fractionated coconut oil:



Clary Sage


Apply directly to adrenals am/pm and throughout the day for continued support

This information is derived from our Essential Wellness Adrenal/Hormone Balance Webinar with Dr. Jennifer Tufenkian and Dr. Josie Schmidt.

If you would like to view this webinar please email me directly for the link.